Specification Range of Mining Truck Wheels


1. Material selection

At present, there are two main types of materials for mining truck wheels: steel wheels and cast steel wheels.

Steel wheels are relatively hard, but have poor wear resistance and are usually suitable for working conditions with smaller loads;

Cast steel wheels are relatively wear-resistant and suitable for moderate to large loads and medium hardness ores.


2. Diameter selection

The diameter of mining truck wheels is usually between 400mm and 1500mm, or the rim diameter is between 15 inches and 59 inches. You can choose according to your needs.

It should be noted that the diameter of the mining car wheels should not be set too large, as larger diameter wheels have issues such as high inertia force and weight, which can affect the driving speed and operational performance of the mining car.


3. Width selection

The width of a mining truck wheel is usually determined by the loaded items and road conditions of the mining truck. The wider the width of the mining wheel, the stronger its stability and load capacity, but it also has higher requirements for road conditions and mine passages, requiring a reasonable balance.



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