Sizes and Material of Forklift J-type Mast Profile

Forklift mast channel steel profiles are mainly used in the production of internal and external masts of 5-10t forklift lifting parts in the forklift manufacturing industry. Its craftsmanship directly affects the service life of mast rollers, pulleys and lifting cylinders, and is an important indicator for measuring the quality of the forklift vehicle.


Forklift mast steel is hot-rolled steel, which is divided into: C-type forklift mast channel steel, J-type forklift mast channel steel and H-type forklift mast channel steel according to its shape.


J-type forklift mast channel steel mainly includes: J120 J148 J160a/b J180 M1J M2J.
Width: 120~175mm. Thickness: 11~16mm.
The material is 25MnV, which has high strength and wear resistance, and therefore has good mechanical properties.



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