Construction Machinery Wheel Lightweight Method


(1) Optimize the manufacturing process and structural assembly

When carrying out the optimization design of the construction machinery structure assembly, it is necessary to investigate and analyze the actual use of the basic type of construction machinery, and eliminate redundant components on the basis of not affecting the use function and operation quality of the construction machinery.


(2) Use high-strength steel instead of ordinary steel

Because the strength of high-strength steel is higher than that of ordinary steel, under the condition of equal strength, parts made of high-strength steel have thinner walls or smaller overall dimensions than parts made of ordinary steel, which reduces the quality of parts.


Take Q460, Q660, Q960 and other types of high-strength steels developed in China in recent years as an example, which are widely used in the manufacture of construction machinery products such as large crane booms. Steel can reduce the mass of steel components to about 50% of the original mass.



(3) Use alloy materials instead of steel

Aluminum has good ductility, which can effectively alleviate the impact of automobile collision, so the crash resistance of aluminum alloy bumper is better than that of steel bumper.



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