The Processing Process of SUS303 Cold Drawn Bar

1 Processing process

1). Material preparation: Select SUS303 steel that meets the requirements to ensure material quality.

2). Heat treatment: Adopting appropriate heat treatment processes to improve the strength and toughness of materials.

3). Cold drawing processing: Using specialized cold drawing machines for processing, SUS303 steel is drawn into appropriate diameters and lengths.

4). Polishing treatment: Polish the surface of the cold drawn rod to improve appearance quality and surface smoothness.


2 Delivery shape, specifications, and tolerances

The delivery shape of SUS303 cold drawn bars is generally circular, and the specifications and shape can be customized. Common diameters range from 2mm to 100mm, lengths range from 1000mm to 6000mm, and tolerances range from h9 to h11.


3 The application of SUS303 cold drawn bar

1). High precision mechanical parts: such as shafts, bolts, nuts, gears, etc.

2). Automation equipment: such as sensors, motors, cylinders, etc.

3). Medical equipment: such as surgical instruments, dental instruments, etc.




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