How to Extend the Life of Wheel Loader Tires?


Most of the annual maintenance costs of excavators and loaders are used for tire maintenance, which can account for about 15% of the entire machinery cost. Tires are an important part of many construction machinery, and some large tires can easily exceed thousands of thousands, so the maintenance of tires for a wheeled construction machinery is also very important.


Tire use process due to various reasons lead to puncture, air leakage, low air pressure are very headaches. Some tire pressure is too high, too low, overload operation, poor four-wheel alignment, and brutal operation caused by unskilled driving skills of excavator drivers and loader drivers, unreasonable selection and installation of tires, and external hardness. Material damage, etc., will reduce the service life.


When we inflate, we must carry out air pressure inflation according to your actual use situation, and we also need to check whether there is air leakage in each part. If you operate under high load for a long time, you must pay attention to whether the air pressure is reasonable. Too high or too low will lead to a tire blowout.


In the case of long-term work, you will often find that the temperature of the tire is abnormally high. At this time, don't think about deflating or pouring cold water to cool down. This method is very dangerous. The correct way is to park in a cool place. After a while, wait until the temperature drops, then use cold water to cool it down.


When we install or replace tires, we must use the same type of tires. At least the coaxial tires should be unified, so that the pressure on the coaxial tires can be the same. Many times the tire blows out because of The tire on one side is overloaded, which exceeds the weight that the tire can bear, resulting in the occurrence of a puncture.



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