Cause Analysis of Wheel Rim Damage

1,Rim body cracking: overload, or excessive inflation.

2,Instability of the rim body: Excessive or inappropriate torque, misuse of hubs and cleats, running flat surfaces, or hammering on the rim groove can cause serious effects. Overload, excessive or inappropriate torque.

3,Connection ring problem with removable wheels: overload.

4,Cracking and bolt hole deformation of spoke wheel: overload; Incorrect installation; Loose cup nut; The hub mounting surface is too small (see also bolt hole cracking and deformation)

5,Tubeless rim cracking: overload, damage, or severe corrosion.

6,Cracking of continuous retaining rings: overload, excessive inflation, damaged mounting surfaces, bent retaining rings, excessive corrosion, excessive torque to removable rim clamp plates.

7,Disconnected lock ring problems: overload, excessive inflation, improper installation or removal.



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