Specific Types of Car Door Hinges


There are two types of car door hinges commonly used in automobiles. They are casting hinges and stamping hinges, both of which are processed in the form of processing. Cast hinges have relatively high production precision, small size, high strength, and relatively large weight, so the production cost is higher. The stamped hinge is composed of stamped sheet metal parts. Compared with the cast hinge, the processing is easier, but its axial strength is not as good as that of the cast hinge, and the cost is relatively less.


Classified according to the structure, it is divided into integrated and non-integrated car hinge profiles. The one-piece type means that the hinge and the limiter are made together, and the hinge can also replace the limiter. The one-piece type is more convenient, but the cost is high, the volume is large, and the weight is relatively heavy. The non-integrated type is the split type, and the most common type does not have a limit function. The casting type and stamping type mentioned above are the split type hinges without limit function.



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