The Advantages of Powder Spraying for Steel Wheel Rim


Compared with the traditional painting process, the advantages of powder coating are as follows:

1 High yield rate: before it is cured, it can be re-sprayed twice. There are many types of powder coating processes, and the common ones are electrostatic powder spraying and dipping.

2 Good performance of coating film: one-time film forming thickness can reach 50-80μm, and its comprehensive indicators such as adhesion and corrosion resistance are better than paint technology.

3 High paint utilization rates: up to 95%, and the powder can be reused many times after recycling.

4 Less pollution: no organic solvent volatilization (excluding harmful gases such as toluene and xylene in paint coatings).

5 High efficiency: due to the one-time film formation, the productivity can be increased by 30-40%.

6 Energy saving: reduce energy consumption by about 30%.



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