Precautions for Section Steel Rolling

Purpose of steel rolling

1. Get the required shape. For example: steel plate, strip steel, wire rod and various types of steel;

2. Improve the internal quality of steel. For example, bridge steel, boiler steel, pipeline steel, deformed steel, etc. are all processed by rolling process.


In steel rolling production, billet quality, heating, roll shape control, coiling capacity and pickling must be constantly strengthened.


The production process of steel rolling consists of four basic processes: billet preparation, billet heating, steel rolling and finishing.

1. Before rolling the billet, the oxide skin must be treated. It is currently an effective method to remove iron oxide scale (phosphorus removal by high-pressure water) by using the mechanical impact of high-pressure water.,

2. In the rolling process, the quality requirements of rolled products include the geometric shape and dimensional accuracy of products, internal organization and performance, and product surface quality.

3. Finishing process, including many specific processes such as steel cutting or coiling, cooling after rolling, straightening, finished product heat treatment, finished product surface cleaning and various painting.



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