Characteristics of Hot Rolled Profiled Steel


Profiled steel is the abbreviation of complex and profiled section steel, which belongs to a kind of profiled steel and is different from the name of simple section steel. According to different processes, it can be divided into hot-rolled profiled steel, cold drawn (cold drawn) profiled steel, cold-formed profiled steel, welded profiled steel, etc. Usually, special-shaped steel refers to hot-rolled special-shaped steel.


Due to the particularity and singleness of its use, profiled steel often requires higher accuracy than simple section steel, which requires higher equipment capacity. Because of its complex section shape, especially many special-shaped steels for special occasions, there is even little experience to learn from, which makes the difficulty of pass design and production much higher than that of simple section steel. Therefore, the production cost of profiled steel is higher than that of simple section steel. Hot rolled profiled steel manufacturers pointed out that the shape and size of profiled steel vary greatly, and many of them are dedicated to a certain industry or specific occasions, so the market demand for a single variety is often not very large. Therefore, the scale of profiled steel production system is often not very large.



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