Hot Rolling Principle and Characteristics of Steel Profile

Hot rolling principle: When the ingot is heated to a certain temperature in the heating furnace, that is, the recrystallization temperature, rolling is carried out. The measurement of temperature is mainly based on the phase diagram of the alloy, that is, under ideal conditions, the measurement of the heating temperature is based on 80% of the solidus of the alloy. During the operation of the system, the temperature suitable for alloy production was adjusted according to the actual production and equipment operation.


Hot rolling characteristics: It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, good plastic processing, low deformation resistance, low work hardening rate, and convenient rolling, which reduces the energy consumption required for metal deformation and creates conditions for mass production.


Through hot rolling, the as-cast structure is transformed into a processed structure, which greatly improves the plasticity of the material. The characteristics of the rolling method determine the anisotropy of the properties of the rolled material. First, the materials have distinct differences in longitudinal, transverse and height directions. The second is the deformation texture and recrystallization texture, and the stamping properties have obvious orientation.



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