Connection Methods for Steel Structural Components

The connection methods for steel structures include welding, ordinary bolt connection, high-strength bolt connection, and riveting.

Weld connection: Advantages: strong adaptability, simple structure, material and labor saving, good sealing performance, high work efficiency, and no weakening of the structure. Disadvantages: High requirements for materials, resulting in residual stress and deformation, and heavy workload for quality inspection.

Ordinary bolts: convenient for loading and unloading, and simple equipment. When the accuracy of bolts is low, they should not be subjected to shearing. When the accuracy is high, it is difficult to process and install.

High strength bolts: easy to process, with minimal structural damage, replaceable, able to withstand dynamic loads, fatigue resistance, and good plasticity and toughness. The friction surface treatment and installation process are complex and costly.

Rivet connection: reliable force transmission, good plasticity and toughness, easy quality inspection, good resistance to dynamic loads, and labor-intensive materials.



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