Specification Code of Wheel Rim

Specification code of wheel rim

Wheel rim specification is represented by the nominal width code of the rim, the height code of the rim, the code of the rim structure, the nominal diameter code of the rim, and the code of the rim profile type. Such as 29-25.00/3.5, 25-22.00/3.0.


The values of the nominal width and nominal diameter of the rim are expressed in inches (inches) (when the diameter of the newly designed tire is expressed in mm, the diameter of the rim is expressed in mm).

The symbol in front of the diameter number indicates the code of the rim structure, the symbol "X" indicates that the rim is a one-piece rim. Such as 22.5 X 7.5. And the symbol "-" indicates that the rim is a multi-piece rim with two or more pieces. Such as 33-17.00/3.5, 57-32.00/6.0.


The Latin letters after the nominal width designation of the rim indicate the contour of the rim (E, F, J, JJ, KB, L, V, etc.). For some types of rims (such as flat-bottomed wide rims), the nominal width code also represents the rim profile, and is no longer represented by letters. The last designation indicates the rim profile type designation.IMG20170409091824.jpg




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