How To Show Tire Size


The first is Bias Tire.

It is represented by two groups of numbers connected by a minus sign. The first group of numbers represents the section width, and the second group of numbers represents the rim diameter. This marking method originated in the United States in the earliest days, so both sets of numbers are expressed in imperial units. For example, 9.00-20, 13.6-38, 23.5-25, all inches.

Tires Assembly2.jpg Tires Assembly.jpg


The second type is Radial Tire.

Generally, the "R" letter is used as the code name. R is the initial letter of the radial structure Radial. "R" replaces hyphen "-". For example, 9.00R20, 11R22.5.

As specifications continue to increase, new marking methods are beginning to emerge. It is expressed by tire section width (mm), tire aspect ratio (%), connection symbol R, and rim diameter code (in).

For example: tire model 175/70SR14. SR is a fast radial tire. The tire model is 185/70R1386T, where 185 represents the tire section width; 70 is the tire aspect ratio; R represents the radial tire; 13 represents the rim diameter of 13 inches; 86 represents the load factor; T is the speed grade.

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