Electrophoretic Coating Process for Steel Wheel Rim

Electrophoretic Coating Process

The technological process of electrophoretic coating is as follows: workpiece → pre degreasing → degreasing (rust removal) → hot water washing → [pickling] → neutralization → [surface adjustment] → [phosphating] → water washing → deionized water washing → deionized water washing (or hot air drying) → [electrophoretic deposition] → ultrafiltration circulating water washing → baking film forming → cooling → painting finish paint.



 the surface of steel used for wheel manufacturing will be rusted during rolling, forming, storage and transportation, and must be cleaned before painting. Rust removal by pickling will not deform the metal workpiece. Rust in every corner can be removed. Rust removal is fast and the cost is relatively low.


2.Surface adjustment

Surface adjustment agent is used to eliminate the unevenness of the surface state of the workpiece surface caused by alkaline solution degreasing or acid pickling, so that a large number of extremely fine crystal centers are formed on the metal surface, thus speeding up the phosphating reaction and facilitating the formation of the phosphating film.


The main purpose is to provide protection for the base metal and prevent the metal from corrosion to a certain extent; It is used for priming before painting to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the paint film.


4.Electrophoretic deposition

 anodic electrophoretic coating is mainly used. A coating method that uses an external electric field to make particles such as pigments and resins suspended in the electrophoresis solution migrate directionally and deposit on the surface of anode substrate.



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