Which One Is More Expensive Galvanizing or Painting?


1. Galvanizing cost analysis

Galvanizing is to immerse the base material in a molten liquid containing zinc. The zinc is electrolyzed into zinc ions through the action of electric current, and then reacts with the metal surface to form a zinc alloy film.

A, in terms of material cost, the price of zinc, a galvanized material, is relatively stable and will not fluctuate with changes in domestic and foreign situations, so the cost is relatively low. B, in terms of processing costs, galvanizing can be processed in batches and on a large scale, with high production efficiency. It can also be constructed on site, and is more flexible in operation, which has certain advantages.

C, in terms of maintenance costs, galvanizing is a protective coating that can effectively extend the life of the material during use and reduce later maintenance costs.


2. Spray painting cost analysis

Spray painting is to use a spray machine to spray paint on metal surfaces, such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc., to protect the metal surface.

A. in terms of material costs, the types and prices of paints used in spray painting vary. Different material prices will have a greater impact on the cost of spray painting.

B, in terms of processing costs, since spray painting requires a lot of preparation work, such as removing surface oil stains, cleaning, polishing, etc., the processing time is long and the production efficiency is relatively low.

C, in terms of maintenance costs, since the painted metal surface is easily affected by the external environment, such as oxidation, water, acid and alkali, etc., it needs to be repainted frequently, and the maintenance cost is high.



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