What Is Wheel Rim Quality Test?

1. Air Tightness Test

The hydrostatic test is to maintain the pressure for 30 seconds at an air pressure ≥ 0.4 MPa, and inspect the air leakage of the aluminum hub by visually observing the bubbles when the aluminum hub leaks in the water. Only after such strict screening test can the hub be delivered as a qualified product.


2. Dynamic Balance Test

The wheel structure of an automobile is composed of tires and wheel hubs, and its mass distribution cannot be completely uniform due to some manufacturing reasons. Therefore, when the wheels of an automobile rotate at a high speed, a dynamic imbalance state will be formed, causing the automobile to shake and the steering wheel to vibrate during driving. Improvement method: Make the tire's mass distribution even by local weight increase.


3. X-ray Testing

The wheel hub X-ray detection system can quickly and accurately detect the defects such as porosity, porosity and cracks in various parts of the wheel hub. This detection system is mainly composed of high-frequency X-ray machine, X-ray digital flat panel detector, special mechanical device for wheel hub detection, computer image processing system, control device and lead protection room.

Of course, in addition to the above three tests, there are many tests, such as radial impact test, 13 ° impact test, 90 ° impact test, fatigue radial test, and full fatigue test. These tests are all aimed at detecting the eligibility of the wheel hub, which is related to the safety of driving and customers. Therefore, we will strive for perfection in manufacturing and inspection.




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