Cold Drawing Process of Cold Drawn Steel Profile

Cold drawn profiled steel is usually used at room temperature in order to insert the steel material into the pre prepared mold. Through the advanced cold extrusion technology, the tensile stress of the yield point strength of the steel bar exceeds the original inherent tensile stress value of the yield point strength of the steel bar, and then forces the steel bar to stretch with the corresponding shape, so that the steel bar has the plastic deformation that it did not have before, so that the yield point strength of the steel bar continues to improve, and the purpose of saving materials.


Cold drawn section steel has many advantages. It can not only design different shapes of molds, but also cold draw cold drawn section steel with different section shapes and tolerances. Angles can be designed as right angles or rounded corners; And the accuracy of the product is very high, because it uses high-quality cemented carbide molds and has professional mold maintenance personnel to ensure that the tolerance is accurate and unified.


In the production process of cold drawn profiled steel, advanced cold extrusion technology is adopted to make the surface of cold drawn profiled steel products smooth and bright. Compared with the materials consumed by traditional lathes, the material saved by cold drawn steel is very considerable, especially when the material consumption is large, the material cost is more significant.



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