Manufacturing Technology of Automobile Wheel Hub

1. Forging: This forging process can be divided into two types: gravity casting and low-pressure casting. The process of gravity forging is very simple, and the liquid alloy is naturally formed by the action of gravity after pouring into the casting mold, which is relatively low in cost. Low pressure casting uses low-pressure to compress the liquid alloy casting mold. The wheels produced by this method have higher metal density, strength, more complex shape, and higher safety factor, It is currently the main mode of manufacturing aluminum alloy wheels, with high yield and automation.

2. Casting: Using high pressure, a heated alloy is first pressed into a rough embryo of the wheel hub, and then processed through the production line for secondary processing. Therefore, the shape is relatively simple, and the surface of the wheel hub is mostly simple and rough lines.

3. Spinning process technology: This process has certain requirements for pressure and temperature. With the help of rotational motion and extrusion, the structure of the wheel hub and rim is extended. The wheel hub produced by this method not only ensures that the strength of the wheel hub meets the requirements, but also greatly reduces the weight of the wheel hub.



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