Top Ten Global Trailer Manufacturers

1 CIMC, China

China International Shipping Container (Group) Co., Ltd., mainly engages in the manufacturing and service of trailers, road transport vehicles, energy and chemical equipment, marine engineering, airport equipment, and other equipment. In the trailer manufacturing industry, CIMC has consistently ranked first in trailer production and sales in the world.

2 Wabash in the United States

Year Wabash accounts for 6.6% of global trailer sales. The national composite board products are in a leading position in the industry.

3 Schmitz, Germany

Schmitz is a major trailer manufacturer in Europe, with its logo being an elephant. The core products are refrigerated trucks, side curtain trucks, dump trucks, and container trucks.

4 American Great Dane

Dadan Pany is an American manufacturer of dry cargo box trailers and refrigerated trailers. Selling various trailer products accounts for 5.4% of global trailer sales.

5 Translead, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai Korea

Modern Translead is a manufacturer of dry goods, refrigerated trailers, household containers, and container sites in North America. Selling various trailers, accounting for 5.25% of global trailer sales

6 US Utility Trailer

It is a truck semi trailer refrigerated vehicle manufacturing company in the United States, accounting for 5.2% of global trailer sales.

7 German Krone family business

There are various types of trailers produced, accounting for 3.9% of global trailer sales.

8 Stoughton Trailers, USA

It is one of the high-quality trailer manufacturers in North America. Accounting for 1.7% of global trailer sales.

9 Koegel, Germany

Koegel is one of the three major trailer manufacturers in Europe, accounting for 1.7% of global trailer sales.

10 Welton, Poland

Welton is a major Polish trailer manufacturer, known as the rising star of the European trailer industry, with trailers accounting for 1.2% of global sales.



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