Shapes and Features of Construction Section Steel

Construction section steel is formed by rolling and cold bending of galvanized steel sheet, and its section is V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar to these shapes.


Mainly used as floor deck, but can also be selected for other purposes. The advantage is that the construction is convenient, fast, saves steel bars, can be used as a steel formwork, and has the advantages of low cost and high strength.


An iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.04%-2.3% in architectural steel. We usually refer to it together with iron as construction steel. In order to ensure its toughness and plasticity, the carbon content generally does not exceed 1.7%. In addition to iron and carbon, the main elements of construction steel are silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. The other ingredients are there to differentiate the properties of the steel.



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