Submerged Arc Welding

Submerged arc welding (including submerged arc surfacing and electro slag surfacing) is a kind of welding method in which the arc burns under the flux layer. Its inherent advantages of stable welding quality, high welding productivity, no arc and little smoke and dust make it the main welding method in the manufacture of important steel structures such as pressure vessels, pipe sections and box beams and columns.


Submerged arc welding is one of the mechanized welding methods with high production efficiency. Its full name is submerged arc automatic welding, also known as automatic arc welding under flux layer. The advantages are as follows:

1. High production efficiency

This is because, on the one hand, the conductive length of the welding wire is shortened and the current and current density are increased, so the penetration of the arc and the deposition efficiency of the welding wire are greatly improved. (generally, the one-time penetration of one side without beveling can reach 20mm). On the other hand, due to the thermal insulation effect of flux and slag, there is basically no heat radiation loss and less splash in the arc. Although the heat loss used to melt flux has increased, the overall thermal efficiency is still greatly increased.

2. High weld quality

The protection effect of slag isolated from air is good, the welding parameters can be kept stable through automatic adjustment, the technical level of welders is not high, the weld composition is stable, and the mechanical properties are relatively good.

3. Good working conditions

In addition to reducing the labor intensity of manual welding operation, it has no arc radiation, which is the unique advantage of submerged arc welding.



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