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Anyang Rarlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of OTR wheel rims in China and a leading brand in the industry. Over the past 25 years, we have intensively cultivated, forged ahead, increased scientific research, and constantly innovated. Let our technology and product quality always represent the cutting edge of the industry, and let us have a more professional knowledge and voice on engineering OTR wheel rim.

Our OTR wheel rim are divided into 1pc, 2pc, and multi-pieces like 3pcs, 5pcs, 7pcs etc. Steel wheel rim assembly and components. 3pcs OTR wheel rim and 5pcs OTR wheel rim are the two most commonly used types. 


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3PCs OTR wheel rim consists of three main parts: side ring, lock ring and rim base. The rim diameter ranges from 8-25 inches. It is mainly used in engineering machienry and industrial machinery vehicles such as forklifts, bulldozers, wheel loaders, and motor graders.

5PCs OTR wheel rim is composed of five main parts: two side rings, bead seat, lock ring and rim base. The rim diameter ranges from 25-63 inches. It is mainly used in engineering machinery and industrial machinery vehicles as mining trucks, bulldozers, wheel loaders, motor graders, etc.


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Anyang Rarlong Machinery Co., Ltd.'s 3pc and 5pc engineering OTR wheel tim are manufactured in accordance with rigorous technical processes through more than a dozen processes. It have many advantages such as high precision, good dimensional stability, excellent mechanical properties, and long service life. We are deeply honored to be recognized and favored by more than 2000 customers at home and abroad. In order to live up to the trust of customers, we will continue to diligently and more rigorously manufacture better products for customers, so as to provide customers with better services and better meet their needs!



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