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200 Type Bailey Panel

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200 Type Bailey Panel

Model: HD200, CB200, ZB200
200 steel bridge application range:
Special single lane: bridge deck clearance: 3.15m maximum span: 60.96 meters
Standard single lane: bridge deck clearance: 4.2m maximum span: 60.96 meters
Standard double lane: bridge deck clearance: 7.35m maximum span: 45.72 meters
Truss piece size: 3.048M (10 feet) * 2.134M (hole to hole)

Compared with 321 steel bridge, under the same combination, the strength and stiffness are increased by 33% and 2.3 times. Applicable scope: single lane bridge deck net width 4.2M, combined span 9.14-76.2M, dual lane bridge deck net width 7.4M, combined span 9.14-57.91M. Max load of single truck is 60tons.

In addition to being assembled into a single-lane bridge, the 200-type fabricated steel bridge can be assembled into a two-lane bridge, thus expanding the range of use of the bridge. Applicable to load design of automobile-10, automobile-20, HS, HL93, crawler-50.

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