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T-bolt embedded channel of Halfen channel series product for building glasswall construction supplier price

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T-bolt Embedded Channel

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T-bolt Embedded Channel(Embedded Halfen Channel)
Our production and manufacturing advantage:
1. With professional equipment such as friction press, punching machine, sawing machine, Lincoln welding machine, arc machine, etc., we can customize various curved and special-shaped brackets.

2. The product is safe and reliable, and its material and performance have reached the leading level in the industry and can withstand dynamic fatigue loads;

3. More than 200 acres of new plant, environmental protection discharge standards, production scale, meet customer supply requirements in the environmental situation

4. The product structure has a variety of combinations to meet different application environments;

5. It has the characteristics of full variety, wide application, high strength, light structure, low cost, simple construction, flexible accessories, standard installation and beautiful appearance, which brings convenience to technical improvement, expansion of cables, maintenance and repair;

6. Customized development of brackets for the embedded channel industry, cooperation with China Railway Research Institute and various subordinate units of China Construction, with good product quality and good stability.

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