Wheel Side Ring

Wheel side ring(flange) of OTR wheel rims latest price,OTR wheel rims side ring

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Wheel Side Ring(flange)

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Wheel side ring(flange)

Material: Q345

Specification: side ring 5.5F-16、6.00G-16、6.5-20、7.00T-20、7.50V-20、8.0-20、8.5-20、9.00V-20,diameter from 8 inches to 24 inches.

Advantage of our side ring:

1.Complete product specifications, 5.5F-16、6.00G-16、6.5-20、7.00T-20、7.50V-20、8.0-20、8.5-20、8.5-24、9.00V-20size from 10 inches to 24 inches;

2.With 5 computer-controlled automatic hot rolled section steel production lines, more than 30 engineers, can develop a variety of specifications and series of section steel and side rings;

3.The monthly production capacity reaches 1 million pieces, which can meet the customer's delivery requirements at any time and any quantity.


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