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crossbeam machine wheel rim,OTR construction wheel rim

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Crossbeam Machine Wheel Rim

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Crossbeam Machine Wheel Rim

Product advantages:

1. Our company independently develops and produces 8-63 inch wheel rim accessories. We can design and develop special structure rim wheels.

2. It owns large flash butt welding machine and Lincoln welding machine, which are patented by the state, to ensure welding quality and airtightness of products.

3.2000 tons and 2500 tons of large-scale hydraulic equipment and computer numerical control lathe, to ensure the product machining accuracy and size consistency;

4. Has more than ten years experience in wheel rim fittings and wheel assembly design, and has more than ten professional designers and developers.

5. Autonomous hot-rolled parts section steel, ensure the size consistency and mechanical properties of section steel;

6. Large-scale electrophoretic coating equipment to ensure the effect of product painting;

7. Having three industrial bases in Anyang, Henan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang and Xuzhou, Jiangsu, to facilitate transportation and reduce transportation costs.

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