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cold drawn section profile steel

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Cold Drawn Section Steel:

Range of application for cold draw section steel.

1.Special cold-drawn section steel for diesel engine oil pump;

2. Cold-drawn section steel for mechanical matching tooth germ;

3. Special cold-drawn section steel for textile guide.

4. Cold drawn section steel for industry supporting knitting machine chain block and knitting machine slider;

5. Cold drawn channel steel for automatic equipment / electrical industry supporting slotted section.

6. Hydrogenerator positioning ribbed section steel;

7. Special cold drawn section steel for forklift attachment, forklift positioner, forklift cross beam.


Our advantages for cold draw section steel:

1 Hot rolled and cold draw section steel for industry supporting complex section shape can be customized;

2.Special material shaped section steel and small section steel could be customized;

3. Lower starting point and smaller order quantity requirement for complex section steel.

4. Low initial investment, high surface roughness, high dimensional accuracy;

5. We have 5 hot rolling mills and 15 high-precision cold drawing lines, large-scale computer numerical control roller lathe, CNC milling machine, planer, 1 meter CNC vertical lathe, shot blasting machine, raw material crystal organization heat treatment heating furnace, high speed Circular saws, band saws, straighteners, drilling and milling machines and other equipment form hot-rolled cold-drawing production lines, with an annual production capacity of up to 500,000 tons.


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