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Main Maintenance Procedures for The Use of Bailey Panel

Date: 2019-2-27


Because of its simple structure, convenient transportation, fast erection, large load capacity, good interchangeability and strong adaptability, Bailey panel are suitable for various engineering sites in national infrastructure projects such as highways, railways, municipalities and other countries. is widely used. What is the main maintenance procedures for the use of bailey panel?

First of all, when using bailey steel bridge, safety signs should be erected at both ends of the steel bridge to prevent the vehicle from being overloaded, and the bridge should be regularly inspected.

The key points of the inspection are: Observing the truss section of the Beray Steel Bridge, strengthening the chords, pins, beams, longitudinal beams, truss bolts, chord bolts, beam fixtures, wind-resistant rods, diagonal braces and joint plates, etc. Whether there is damage, whether there is looseness, to ensure the safety of use.

Regularly check whether the bridge foundation has settlement, if it should be treated in time; apply grease around the parts to prevent water from rusting; measure the deflection of the bridge, and measure the deflection Whether the increase is beyond the safe range; check whether the rods are broken, deformed and rusted, and should be replaced if necessary.

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