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The Meaning of Profile Steel

Date: 2019-2-27


As the name suggests, profile steel is a more complex steel product. And there is no general hot-rolled steel specification in the market and technology industries. Its chemical elements and mechanical properties are in accordance with GB/T 706-2016 "Hot Rolled Steel Standards" and related processing technology industry specifications.

The production of profile steel is characterized by specialty, customization, and non-replication. It is usually used in the field of special supporting equipment and mechanical parts for the industry, as a customized, non-standardized assembly parts for product application.

The advantage of profile steel: The processing manufacturer can reduce the cost of the production process, improve the processing efficiency, enhance the strength of the product and related parameter indicators.

Application for following fields and industries: construction industry, textile industry, agricultural machinery industry, forklift industry, hardware products, mechanical processing, water conservancy construction and other industries.

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